Check Her Out

Today is a huge and exciting day! My little sister is debuting her new blog and embarking on this crazy adventure that we call blogging. 
Annie has been reading blogs for as long as I have and has also been a huge driving force behind my blog. She is constantly sending me ideas and putting pressure on me to get a blog post up when I am being lazy. So when she called me last week to discuss her plans to start a blog I wasn't surprised at all, even though it was the first time she had ever mentioned it. 
I couldn't be more proud of her for finally doing what she should have done a long time ago. I knew that she would start a blog and I have never had a doubt in my mind that it wouldn't be incredible. Because that is what my sister is, incredible. (They both are) Annie is incredible, smart, witty, beautiful, creative, funny, adorable, and has been keeping my whole family in line since she was little. Lately I have been thinking of her as my life coach, seeing as that I can hardly accomplish anything without her approval. I want to buy a new purse? I ask her what she thinks first. What to wear to my first job interview? Send pictures of multiple outfit options to her. I want to try out a new and different recipe? Invite her over to cook it with me. 
I guess a better description than life coach for her is my best friend. 
Not to be corny, but I have loved getting to watch her grow up and become the person she is today. We have been lucky to have so many common interests and therefore have shared so many memories throughout our lives and one of those most recent things that we have in common is our love of blogs. The majority of our conversations start with, "Oh, I saw this on [insert blog title here]...". When it comes to fashion, food, and all the other beautiful things that life has to offer, we always turn to blogs (and each other) for inspiration. 
I think we start our mornings exactly the same. Waking up early to enjoy our favorite blogs with a cup (or two) of hot coffee and now that will transition in to us waking up early to write our own blog posts. We are similar in so many ways that I know that you will see those similarities throughout our posts. I wouldn't be surprised if one day we unknowingly blog about the same things. It's not unusual that we are thinking the same thing at the exact same time. 
With all this being said, read her blog! I know that it will make you smile, laugh, and if you make all the food she posts then it will probably also make you fat. Soak up the joy that she will share through her posts and help me encourage her as she starts this journey that she will undoubtably dominate in, just like everything else she has attempted. I cannot wait to learn from her, be inspired by her, and collaborate with her to make both of our blogs as good as they can be. 

Sis Boom Blog.


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