Macarons (First Attempt)

I have been wanting to try to make French macarons for months. Not only are they a tasty treat (especially with coffee) but they are so cute, almost too cute to eat!
Just almost to good to eat!

I can't say that my cookies were even near as cute as these but I wasn't too disappointed by my first attempt. The recipe wasn't even as hard as I was expecting. I followed this recipe for a basic almond macaron and this recipe for a chocolate ganache filling. As much as I love chocolate, I found that this ganache was too over powering for this little cookie. I think that a buttercream would be much more suited! I used violet food coloring gel to give my cookies a slight purple tint but can't wait to add actual flavor.

I plan on testing out other recipes throughout this week, until I find the recipe that I think is perfect, or close to perfect! I would love to have a go-to recipe for these treats and after buying a tiny but expensive bag of almond flour I am determined to put it all to good use!

Many macarons to come!


  1. Seriously, could they be more picture perfect? Delicious!

  2. I just discovered Macaroons, and cannot wait to try this recipe. omg.


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