Let's Go to the Beach

I know that I am counting down the days until my beach vacation. Sea Side, Florida is just a few weeks away and not just is it the beach but a beach wedding! To prepare, I ordered some bathing suits (20% off on Shopbop today, swooning over this one), I have been slowly working on my tan, and now am in search of the perfect beach tote. The thing about beach bags is that they should be waterproof and big enough to carry all the essentials. iPod, book, sunglasses, water bottle, lots of SPF, towel, and snacks. Snacks are optional if you happen to have a personal waiter who brings umbrella drinks and fruit kabobs at your beck and call. 

Let's Go to the Beach


Now hiring: a personal beach snack waiter. 

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  1. how do you choose? not being corny but i seriously love them all


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