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It's Things I Love Thursday! I love this day and I love sharing these lovely things with you. This week was quite wonderful, starting out with a fantastic Memorial Day weekend in which I attended an emotional service to remember all those who have shaped our lives but are no longer with us. The rest of the weekend was full of some delicious food, including the pop-up restaurant by the OK Chef's Relief event in OKC. There was thrice cooked bacon... that is a piece of bacon cooked three different ways... Simply frying it will never be good enough after that. 

In preparation for a little beach vacation (and wedding!) this weekend, I got my hair and nails done earlier this week. While letting my color process at the salon, I was flipping through a magazine and read an intriguing article about new trendy diets. One diet that particularly caught my eye was called "Cookies for Breakfast" and it recommends eating your biggest meal in the morning and incorporating cookies. Supposedly it helps curve those sweet cravings later in the day, but really who cares the reasoning if you get to eat cookies for breakfast. I love cookies. 

A few other things that I love...

A lesson on Peonies

A post on signature scents, including those that we loved when we were young. Not only did I love Gap Dream, but Clinique Happy was my real 7th grade signature scent. I even had a roll-on applicator for my sequin purse.

Summer Fashion// The perfect summer outfit and the best way to dress up those cut-off shorts

Who is buying me this shirtHoly swoon...

I started the "cookies for breakfast" diet this morning. 

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