Tilapia Tacos

Remember my New Year's Resolution to eat more fish, in hopes of training my taste buds to enjoy their taste more? Well I have been totally taking that resolution by storm (all the other resolutions? Not so much) and can say that I order fish at restaurants as well as cooking it up in my own kitchen. 
Tilapia is by far the least "fishy" of the fish out there so that is how I began to ease my way in. I made these tilapia tacos and loved the flavor, and not just because it was loaded with other goodies that masked the taste of fish. I actually like the taste of the fish! I am feeling so accomplished and so confident in my tastebuds now. Today, tilapia! Tomorrow, salmon?!

I followed this recipe but made some of my own changes. I followed the guacamole recipe exactly and loved the taste (so did my boyfriend who is quite critical of most guacamole). Rather than using mayonnaise for my sauce, I used plain, greek yogurt mixed with sriracha which gave the tacos a great, hot kick. For my other toppings I just used whatever I had on hand. That is what is great about tacos, there are no rules and you can put anything on top. I used shredded lettuce, chopped cilantro, and diced jalapeƱo to go with my tilapia for a great mixture of flavors tucked within corn tortillas. 

I paired the tacos with seasoned black beans and finished off the meal with peach cobbler parfaits with cinnamon whipped cream. It was a great night for my tastebuds. 

Any great fish recipes would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Mmm! These sure look tasty! I would love to go out and buy some tilapia now. xx. McKenna Lou


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