Wedding Watching

Who doesn't love a great chick flick, especially one that features over-the-top, but beautiful weddings. This week I have been thinking about my favorite wedding movies because my own best friend is tying the knot this weekend. 

My group of best friends got together last weekend for our last single girl sleepover and of course we had to watch one of these great movies. We popped in My Best Friend's Wedding and laughed while Julia Roberts plotted to break up her best friend's wedding while eating a sinfully-good dessert. I love all of the above movies, but none can compare to my all-time favorite, Father of the Bride. There is nothing like watching a dad fret and stress about his little girl growing up. It also might be an accurate picture of how my own dad will act upon hearing that one of his little girls are getting married. 

I'll be watching one of these every night until Saturday!

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