Friday Fails and Finds

Let's start off with some fails.
1. The amount that I blogged this week is a big, fat fail. I thought about it. I had some ideas. I even sat down and worked on a collage for a "Things I Love" post. Then it just didn't happen. Fail.

2. My plans to stick to my pre-best-friends-wedding diet ended up being a fail this week. I ate a whole bag of chef-mix for lunch yesterday, ate my weight in chips and queso TWO nights in a row, and had fried chicken with red beans and rice for dinner on Tuesday at the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts. Diet fail.

3. My attempt to cook a "simple" dinner last night was a huge fail! I was cooking at my boyfriends house which happens to have a stove that was installed in the 1760's. Maybe that is an exaggeration, but it was definitely installed in the 1960's and we don't have a very good relationship. After crisping the roasted potatoes to crunchy chips (fail), I set the smoke alarm off while making salad dressing. Yes, you read that right. Salad dressing! Fail. I actually salvaged the meal and I really liked the chicken salad  and will definitely make it again, but there was lots of smoke and a few tears during the process. Not to mention a stray cat that snuck in while the doors were open in an attempt to air out the whole house. FAIL.

Let's turn all these fails around and just make cupcakes, because somehow cupcakes make everything better.

Let's talk about some finds.
1. A new favorite DIY blog that I found one night when I couldn't sleep. I looked at every single DIY she had posted and their were 60+ pages of posts. Some seem a little over my head (any project that involves a sewing machine is over my head and beyond my skill level) but others looked pretty simple.

2. Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler at JC Penney! I am so excited about this find where it is possible for me to buy JA at a lower price point. 

3. The Spring 2013 To and From Gift Guide came out a couple of weeks ago. Check it out for ideas for Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Graduation gifts!

4. Fashion find, a fun bag for the warm weather months. 

5. My favorite nail color for summer, Essie's lilacism.

6. And lastly, one of my favorite weekly features from The Glitter Guide, 5 Things to Try This Weekend


It's the weekend, eat whatever you want!

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