A Bread Post

I am honestly a little surprised that I haven't had a post that has been dedicated to all the fantastic uses of bread. It is one of my absolute favorite food groups and if you put a bread basket in front of me, then you will not be enjoying any of it. It will be gone. In a flash.

Story time: As a child I enjoyed bread so much that I thought I would start a little bread collection. My tiny, undeveloped brain thought of the genius plan to fill a shoe box with all sorts of breads to keep under my bed for those middle of the night cravings. Completely normal.  So after dinner one night, I stealthily filled a Ked's shoe box with two leftover dinner rolls, some biscuits from breakfast that morning, and a few pieces of classic Wonder Bread. I went to bed that night happy, knowing that under my bed was my own, little collection of carbs. Well, after about 30 minutes of "sleep", I woke up STARVING and had to break in to my rations. Ten minutes later... bread collection had been depleted. Gone, vanished, gobbled up by carb-loving Kathleen. 

Now you understand the need for a bread post.

Earlier this week, when buying bread for my grown-up almond butter + jam sandwich, I had a major George Banks "Superflous Buns" moment at the grocery store. I kept looking at the loaves of bread thinking about how I was buying bread for one person. I wanted to stick my hand in the bag, take out the two slices that I needed and leave the rest for another 23 year old in my predicament. What on earth would I do with all those slices before it eventually molded? Oh, don't worry, carb-loving Kathleen has found some ways.

1. Avocado + Egg Toast 
Mash 1/4 of an avocado with salt, pepper, and a little Tabasco sauce and spread on a toasted slice of bread. Top with a scrambled egg. Delicious breakfast!

It was so good the first time, why not enjoy it again on this upcoming lazy weekend. I might even add some variance to my berries.

The Smitten Kitchen panzanella looks absolutely wonderful and it is basically a salad with extra croutons so what's not to love?

After three meals of carbs it is only right to have a dessert made completely of bread. It includes apples, raisins, and walnuts so those make it perfectly healthy!

Carb up, it's almost the weekend. 

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