Can't Stop

This post is almost pathetic in that it highlights my somewhat addictive personality when it comes to what I spend my time doing. Put a good book in my hands and I will fight to keep my eyes open as I read it each night in bed. When I find a great T.V. show, all I want to do is watch that show, think about that show, and talk to other people who only watch and think about that show. ( I was not a fun person to be around when I was in the middle of Season 2 of Scandal) And when I find a new game to play on my phone? Well then I have no problem sitting in the dentist office for a little extra time if it means I can sit and test my finger-eye coordination, in fact I might show up 30 minutes early to appointments so I can have more play time. 

I have three obsessions right now that I cannot get enough of. 
I can't stop watching The Newsroom. In fact, this is an obsession a year in the making. Ever since the last season wrapped I have been waiting "patiently" for the second season to premier, which it did last night. Thank goodness for my boyfriend who waited on the phone with HBO for close to an hour so that we could watch the fast-paced newsroom action and even faster-paced newsroom conversation. I am hooked again and spent a large portion of my lunch break watching YouTube videos from last seasons best episodes. 

I can't stop reading Dark Places by Gillian Flinn. I loved the first book I read by Ms. Flinn, Gone Girl, and I happily purchased another one of her books to keep me company at night. Disclaimer: it is very twisted and dark (hence the title) but makes for an addictive page-turner and I can't wait for the big ah hah moment. 

And I can't stop playing Candy Crush. 
I am embarrassed to say it and don't want to give it too much attention. But I know many of you are also addicted to this ridiculous game and I want you all to know that you aren't alone. 

Watch it. Read it. Play it.
Share the addiction. 

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