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There is a note, written on my office dry-erase board, that my sweet "office roommate" wrote to help herself with the little thing we all know as a shopping addiction. It reads something along the lines that she will not buy anything in the month of July...unless it is at least 60% off. 
That is really a great rule, because if something is that discounted then it is just begging to be purchased. 

Although the items above are not all 60%, they are all on sale and a great deal. A girl like me can never resist a sale. I swear to this day that I was running towards a "great sale" when I cracked my head open and needed stitches as a very young child. I might embellish the story a bit, but I did hit my head on a clothing rack in a Ross, and their were stitches involved.  

Kate Spade Wallet $228 $114
Shoshana Beaded Dress $418 $167.20
Madewell Striped Dress (Ties in the back!) $138 $99.50
Loft Tassel Sandals (Unfortunately no longer on sale, sorry! But still a great deal!) $89.50

And don't miss J. Crew's 7 Surprise Sales everyday this week!

Don't get so excited that you hit your head on the computer screen.

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