Caramel Corn

One of my constant recipe inspirations is Emily and since I have always had great luck with her recipes I knew that this caramel corn would turn out great. Emily is always entertaining and since this past weekend I had my two best friends coming over to watch football I wanted to make something sweet and delicious for my guests. I followed this recipe to create the perfect fall treat that I haven't been able to stop eating-it is so addicting! I used peanuts rather than cashews (because I had them on hand to make my other fall addiction) but any type of nut would work, I might even do a mixture next time. 

This is great for entertaining, keeping around for a snack (if you can control yourself), or as a gift all wrapped up and topped with a bow.

**The only change I would make to Martha's recipe is to spread the popcorn on the baking sheets before pouring the caramel mixture over it. I feel that this would result in more equal coverage!

Prepare to get your hands a little sticky.

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