Big Cluster Fall Granola

I haven't been too keen on jumping on the fall recipe bandwagon since the temperatures outside were still causing me to break a sweat on the short walk from my apartment door to my car. Although when I woke up this weekend and the temperature was 56 degrees outside, I was more than happy to delve in to the plethora of fall recipes I have had on stand-by for months. 
Homemade granola was a life-changer for me. After my first batch, I was hooked and knew that I would never go back to store-bought granola. I have been playing with different recipes and was excited to try this recipe for Brown Butter Pumpkin Seed and Espresso Glazed Big Cluster Granola. 
The name alone...swoon. 
I love this recipe because it is packed with nuts, seeds, and fruit combined with the flavors of brown butter, espresso, and honey. It's a fantastic combination and a granola recipe that I know I will be adding to my rotation.

I need the cooler temperatures to stay for good!

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