Pumpkin Ginger Cookies with Cinnamon Chips

These cookies combine three things that I love to cook with. Pumpkin, ginger, and cinnamon chips. When I found this recipe I tucked it away for safe keeping until the "Fall Baking Season" had officially commenced. Even though I know that you feel like you have enough pumpkin recipes to last until August, I want to add another because these cookies are absolutely worth it. I followed this recipe and what resulted was some addicting dough specked with cinnamon chips and a soft, light, perfect-for-fall cookie.
Like some of my other favorite cookies (peanut butter and ginger snaps) you roll this dough in sugar before baking. It gives the cookie a wonderful texture and adds a little touch of sweetness. I love these cookies and I can't wait to share them. 
So good with my morning coffee. 

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