I feel like the last two weeks I have been living in a blur. So much in my life changed in short period of time that I feel like I wasn't completely prepared for what was to come, and my mind and body are still trying to catch up. I feel completely drained yet completely full at the same time - if that makes any sense at all.

Last Thursday I had my final day at what I will always consider my "first job". It was my first experience in the corporate world and when I accepted the job I wan't sure how I would fair in that  environment. I had always planned on working as a teacher in a school and I knew that the job I was taking as an assistant in a giant oil & gas company would be quite the opposite. I surprised even myself when I loved it from the first day. I loved the hustle and bustle, the lessons and learning that came everyday while working in an industry that I had no prior knowledge in, and I mostly loved the people that I worked with. Those people, my "first job" co-workers embraced me from the first day, taught me more life lessons than I can even recount, and are the reason that I cried like a baby when I had to walk out the doors last Thursday. 

I had everything I needed at that job and was just fine going to work everyday, but a part of me knew that I wouldn't stay with that company, even that group of people, forever. So when a job came available a few weeks ago I agreed to interview, with reservations about leaving my job at the time. But after hearing about the job, the daily tasks, the events I would be planning, and the many, many people that I would be meeting and building relationships with, I knew that it was the job for me. Something that I realized during my five months of "fun-employment" last spring was that my passion is for people and that I wanted a job that would allow me to be with people as much as possible. 

This passion for people is why I had to take a chance, resign from my safe job that I loved, and join a new firm where I would be starting over. I am working in recruiting and development now which means all new duties and brand new things to learn, but I couldn't be more excited for the job and everything that is to come. I pop out of bed in the mornings, anxious to arrive at work and see what the day has in store and I believe that is a feeling that isn't going to go away. 

*When I did go in to discuss with my former and "first" boss that I had been offered a new job, I was nervous and felt like I was going to break-up with a boyfriend. He listened to me as I talked about the job description and the opportunities it would give me and he was understanding as I cried about the possibility of leaving that job and co-workers. But after hearing everything he said something that I will never forget and that I will carry throughout my life. He said, "Whatever you do, chase your passion. While you can, while you are young, chase your passion."

Chasing my passion. 


  1. Excited for you Kathleen! Praying the Lord uses you in big ways in your next adventure!! Call me next time you are in Dallas so we can get lunch or something :) xox


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