Rustic Caramel Apple Hand Pies

When Annie first blogged about these Rustic Apple Hand Pies I almost jumped in my car and drove 30 minutes to her house just to get my hands on one. I love desserts with fruit in them more than anything and apple pie is one of my favorites (getting excited about our Thanksgiving apple pie as we speak). While I was shopping for produce at the grocery store this weekend I couldn't help but pick up some granny smith apples. Not only were they beautiful but I had been dreaming about making these apple pies for a while. 
While Annie kept her pies classic, I decided to stuff mine with not only apples but little pieces of soft caramel. They might have made for a mess in the baking process (read: hot, melted caramel everywhere) but they tasted wonderful, especially hot, right out of the oven and warmed up with my coffee on Sunday morning.
Follow Annie's recipe and let her pictures be your guide, but if you want the flowing caramel of my version, just add small cubes of caramel (store bought) with the apples!

Maybe I will sneak some caramel in to the pie on Thanksgiving too. 

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