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I usually try to make my own coffee each morning and then use the office coffee pot for my refills. As much as I would like to visit a coffee shop each morning, I know that my budget and morning timeline could not handle it. With coffee shop java costing me an average of $3 per trip, plus standing in line behind the mix of high schoolers and corporate crowd, a daily trip just isn't in the cards for me. 

This week was a little different and I admit that I have visited a coffee shop almost everyday. With the weather constantly changing in Oklahoma, that means I have also had very different drinks this week. Depending on the weather I have two caffeine-boosting drinks that I can't get enough of. As of recently I have given up most dairy products (ice cream is my favorite exception) and have been staying away from milk as much as possible. I don't enjoy drinking my coffee or tea plain so I have been using milk alternatives and truly believe they make the drinks so much better.
While basking in the beautiful weather (78 degrees!) on Tuesday, I ordered an iced almond milk chai tea latte (from Whole Foods) to keep me cool and refreshed while running errands for work. There is nothing better than a chai tea latter when it is warm out and the almond milk only makes it more delicious.

On Wednesday morning the weather was cooler so I ordered my new, favorite cold-weather drink. A regular coffee with steamed soy milk (or more specifically at Starbucks, a "grande pike with steamed soy for Kathleen" in which they always spell 'Cathline').  I have been ordering this all winter and I think it is close to the perfect cup of coffee. I definitely like a little "cream" in my coffee with just a hint of sweet and that is exactly what the soy milk adds to the coffee. 

If you are looking for a new cold or warm-weather drink or need a great dairy-alternative cup of caffeine I would recommend both of these!

Keeping you caffeinated, no matter what the weather.

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