Brunch Round-Up

The problem I find when ordering brunch is trying to decide between something rich and sweet, like french toast or pancakes, and something savory, like an omelet or eggs benedict. Everything always sounds good and I usually wait until everyone else at the table has ordered before making my final decision (I am pretty notorious for eating off everyone else's plates at a meal). I love all sorts of breakfast/brunch foods so when it came time to prepare my own weekend brunch I wanted to include an assortment of dishes that would appeal to any sort of food mood or appetite. 

When I first found the recipe for these scones while perusing Joy the Baker (she is the best), I knew that I wanted to include them. I love a great danish and these seemed like they would have the perfect flavors for a Saturday morning with girlfriends. Let me tell you, they did. The recipe called to top with turbinado sugar, but instead I brushed the tops of mine with cream and then generously sprinkled vanilla sugar on top. That vanilla flavor (one of my favorites) added the perfect sweetness to these already perfect scones. 

Quiche is another one of my favorite dishes and I loved this one especially because it was full of caramelized onions. I love onions, in every form, but caramelized definitely take the cake for the best. The onions were sandwiched between layers and layers of gruyere cheese and full of eggs, cream, and seasonings. I went back for thirds of this quiche during brunch- I could not get enough!

I can't even count on my fingers and toes how many times I have made this granola. If you haven't started making your own granola then you are terribly wrong and missing out on one of the best things in life. I could probably make this granola in my sleep, but I knew that it was perfect addition to round out the brunch menu. It is light and simple, but always a crowd pleaser!

Brunch makes for a perfect weekend. 

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