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This post is something I have been thinking about for awhile. I have been writing these words in my head for about a month and yet I am still not sure how to actually put my thoughts in to words, but this post, post #519, will be my last on A Peony for Your Thoughts. 

I started this blog when I was a Junior in college. I was desperate for a creative outlet for my thoughts and something in which to fill my free time (I clearly wasn't spending much time studying...). And so "A Peony for Your Thoughts" was born - appropriately named after a nail polish color, with the tag line "some things in life are too sweet not to be shared". My first blog posts were almost all written early in the morning. I would curl up in a chair in my room in the sorority house, coffee and oatmeal in hand, prepared to create posts about other blogs that I was loving, nail polish, swoon-worthy images, and small glimpses in to the life of a 21 year old. I had no idea what I was doing on my blog, but I knew that I loved doing it. 

Fast forward to present day. I am almost 25 years old, I still have no idea what I am doing when it comes to blogging, and while I love my blog, the feeling has changed. Three years ago my mind constantly raced with ideas for my blog. I could barely get a post out before a new idea would pop in to my head. I was excited for each new morning knowing that I would have the chance to blog again (and that there would be coffee involved). The ideas for posts are still there, but the pace has slowed. Now I channel my creativity in to my jobs, whether is be for an event that I am planning or in to a playlist or choreography for a Barre3 class. 

I love this blog, I always have and I always will. With the risk of sounding corny, this blog has been with me through so much and taught me more than I could have imagined. I loved sharing things that inspired me, in the hopes that they would also inspire someone else. I loved sharing recipes and then running in to someone, only to have them tell me that they had made my recipe and loved it. I even loved writing a post, never to post it, because just writing the words made me feel better. 

The feedback that I received on this blog was everything. It kept this blog going for three and a half years. As much as I loved blogging, even more I loved hearing that there were people out there that actually enjoyed my posts! I thank everyone who has read this blog daily and for those who might have just read one post. I am eternally grateful for the support. 

While this is my last post for A Peony for Your Thoughts, I feel "okay"(read: crying and completely emotional) ending this blog knowing that there is a Tucker to carry on in the blogging world. Follow  my sister Annie and her adventures of Take a Bite and you might just see a guest post by this retired blogger. I know that I can't quit blogging forever because I will get that creative urge or will whip up a recipe that is too good not to post- because remember, 
"some things in live are too sweet not to be shared"

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