Beautiful Bedrooms

The perfect bedroom for those lazy days.

For all the modern day Princesses out there.

This bedroom is my favorite... probably because it is really my room. Sorry shameless  plug.

I really do love my own bedroom so much, and I can't even take credit for myself because my mom redid the whole thing this summer while I was away. The soft blue was such a nice change from my previous room (tangerine walls and hot pink bedspread) which was fitting when I was 13. A friend once described my room as the perfect beach getaway room, which I can understand because of the soothing colors. We might not be anywhere close to the beach but I do use this room as a getaway when I have the chance to come home, like this weekend. I love coming here to read (right now I am reading Redeeming Love, again) and recently to blog. And while I am home, I am also going to take advantage of having a kitchen and work on one of my favorite recipes!  

Until next time.
Sweet dreams. 

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  1. my room next year will look exactly like the princess room! (minus the pink) Can't wait to hear about your recipes, take pics :)


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