Things I Love

There are so many things that make today such a great day, and it all started at about midnight when my roommates and I decided to forgo sleep for awhile and enjoy some classic, late night girl talk with a snack of cereal and chocolate milk. It goes without saying that morning came quick, and we all proceeded to hit the snooze button more than once. But nothing wakes me up better than a cup of coffee and bowl of hot oatmeal, especially when our room is freezing, like it was this morning (65 degrees!) So now I am done with class and ready for a full day of catching up on homework, running errands, and watching endless amounts of my boot legged Boy Meets World DVD's. (Awkward: these DVD's are recorded straight off a TV, so it's a major disappointment when you are watching and see the running news scroll along the bottom of the screen advertising for a brand new episode of Lizzie McGuire, only to realize that unfortunately there hasn't been a new episode since 2004. Talk about false advertisement.)

Here are some other things that make me happy!

I wouldn't mind finding This Little Monster in my closet.

Hot Pink and Leopard- is there anything more girly?

The new online magazine, Matchbook.

This perfect couple.

Oh, and not to mention the best news to women all over the world. Anthropologie's new Wedding Line to unveil February 14 (how perfect!) Unfortunately there are no pictures available yet, just the rotating ones seen here. Such a wonderful tease. 

Until next time.
Be you, be loved. 

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