Hello Spade!

I remember years ago when my sweet Dad gave my Mom her first ever Kate Spade purse. It was wonderful, black and classic. Okay maybe at age eight I didn't realize how wonderful it was, but looking back now, I wish I had. It probably wasn't until my mom's second Kate Spade piece, the cutest pink wallet, that I started to appreciate the wonderfulness that is Kate Spade. 

L: Mirna Dress
R:Polka-Dot Jillian Dress

iphone 4 hard cover
So I have a thing for polka dots...

Just twirl.
My favorite thing about Ms. Spade is the simple words she finds inspiration from, like "twirl". I am a huge fan of her newest perfume, Twirl, and this necklace and perfect red lipstick make you want to do just what the title says, twirl.

Wear red lipstick and enjoy being a girl.

Until next time.
Just twirl. 

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