Dream Job

So I have my realistic dream job; to be an elementary school teacher and impact precious children my whole life. I cannot wait to decorate my classroom with silly posters and make bulletin boards and craft projects in the late hours of the night. I cannot wait to read to my students and have them hang on my every word as I read the last pages of Sideways Stories of Wayside School. And as I dream about bus duty and parent teacher conferences (okay those are not dreams, but more nightmares) I have another job that I would love to have but know that it would never happen...
to design and create the window displays for Barney's Department Store.

Photo from anothernormal.com who documents the Art of Windows
It all happened one day as I was strolling the hallowed halls of Northpark Mall in Dallas when I saw it... the Barney's window display made entirely of bubblegum pink and fire truck red plastic plates. I don't know what it was about this particular display but it was wonderful and lovely and ever since I have fantasized about designing these displays one day. 

The displays are always immaculate and yet so crazy. The creativity in the windows always draws me into the store and steers me straight towards the sale rack where I must search for something that I can afford (I usually fail.)

Who comes up with these things?! Whoever they are, I sincerely hope that I have their child in my class one day so that they can come to Career Day.

Until next time.
Dreaming of displays. 


  1. That is my best friend from Dallas' dream job.. you get it girl!

  2. i remember that day and the display!!


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