Gilty Pleasure

I spelled "guilty" wrong, I know.
Today on Gilt Group I discovered a new brand of nail polish that I had not yet been introduced to. And as we all know, nail polish is my thing, it's my jam, how I express myself. So to find a new, fabulous collection... well lets say I haven't been that excited since Sex and the City came out on DVD (you better believe I was at Wal-Mart at midnight to snatch that one up)

Introducing Deborah Lippman
(I am sorry if this is such old news and I am the only one that didn't know about her)

Bad Romance, Boom Boom Pow, and Glitter in the Air!

So I did a little research on this innovator of the arts and found out that she finds most of her inspiration from celebrities and names her nail colors after her favorite celebrities

Believe created for Cher
Hit Me With Your Best Shot created for Pat Benetar
Just Walk Away Renee created for Renee Zellweger
Satin Doll created for Mariah Carey
There are so many other colors that I am practically drooling over and they all have sassy names like "Maneater", "Lady is a Tramp", "Don't Tell Mama" and "Before He Cheats". Swoon!

Okay here are a few more pics that I couldn't resist sharing!

Some Enchanted Evening, Constant Craving, and Across the Universe

Check out all the colors and collections here!

Until next time.
My Lipps Ain't Sealed.

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