Fair Trade

Have you ever been so in love with something that you know you would give up anything if you could only have it? Like when I was younger I would pray and pray and pray for a dark, cherry maple jewelry box and would have given away all my Beanie Babies to have it. I know this sounds like the strangest request in the world but I was a strange kid, I mean I also wished for a twin sister named Tiffany. You get the point. 
Well this morning (okay afternoon seeing as I woke up at 1:30 p.m.) I fell in love again, with a single pair of shoes. The moment I saw them I wanted them and I would give away all my Beanie Babies to have them.

Rebecca Minkoff Almond and Haircalf Open Toed Booties
This request might be just as random as the jewelry box I once wanted, but when you see something you love, there is no turning back and no explanation for your deep obsession.


So Ms. Minkoff, if you are out there please consider my trade for one pair of these fabulous heels for about 735 antique, Beanie Babies. Really, you would be getting the better deal.

Until next time.
Praying for booties.


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