Things I Love

I love Oklahoma in the spring. 
It rivals the love I have for Oklahoma in the fall.

There are certain things that take place in the spring that I look forward to every year, like the Oklahoma City Arts Festival. My mom informed me that we have gone to the arts festival every year that my family has been in existence, so we are talking about 25 years of supporting the arts.

Every April my family all gathers in the city to enjoy the weather, green grass, people watching, tents full of original art, and mostly the numerous food vendors that show up to help us gain 10 pounds.

More than anything, more than the art, photographs, or decorative balloons, I love the food at the arts festival. We're talking indian tacos, burritos, coyote chicken sandwich, prime rib sliders, fish tacos, and about a million more...

And I haven't even mentioned the desserts yet. Strawberries newport, chocolate dipped cheesecake, fried peaches with ice cream, funnel cakes, and all sorts of ice cream sundaes.

Speaking of ice cream sundaes and gaining 10 pounds. 
The Caramel Knowledge Sundae.
Vanilla soft serve, whipped cream, bananas, nuts, caramel sauce, and a yummy cherry on top.

Food makes me swoon.

It took me multiple walk-throughs in the food area to finally decide and it was well worth it. After stuffing our faces, my family and I did some awkward people watching and then escaped before we ate even more. But don't fret, I will be going back tomorrow... and saturday.

Until next time.
Craving more caramel.

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