Things I Love

Let's start out with things that I hate.
Taking a 3 day vacation from blogs all together.
It felt like I had lost contact with some of my closest friends, which is kind of sad and maybe a clue that I spend too much time browsing blogs... nah.
Well this morning I finally got to grab some coffee and "catch up with old friends" and I found some lovely things that  I just have to share, because some things in life are too sweet not to be shared.

 via. Cornflake Dreams
A sweet and beautiful blogger "friend" of mine got to model for Ariel Gordon jewelry and their 2011 Lookbook. This jewelry is all hand made and a favorite amongst some of my other "friends" like Drew Barrymore, Eva Longoria, and Bryce Dallas Howard. 
Ariel Gordon's pieces are modern and dainty and perfect for day-to-day wearing while also making a statement, which is really my goal in life.

Here are some of my absolute favorites.

Also when spending an undisclosed amount of time catching up on my daily blog reads I came across some great limited edition, recycled clutches from a store on Etsy.
I Am a Greedy Girl featured these great and unique bags from Scout and Catalogue.
I had a hard time deciding but I finally made up my mind and ordered the cream lace clutch. 
To arrive sometime next week, already swooning.

Okay last thing I love, I promise.
But meet Kendi from Kendi Everyday who is super fashionable while not breaking the bank. Most of her outfits feature clothes from Gap, Banana Republic, Payless, and Target. I have full faith that this girl could even make Sooner Fashion Mall seem as fashionable as Milan.
That might be a little exaggeration... but check her out.

Straight sass.

Until next time.
Love everything. I know I am. 

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