So begins what I believe will be a crazy week. So many things that I am looking forward to and I hope that with all this fun I still have time to share some blog posts. One to look forward to is the first "How-To" which will be coming this week!

My favorite blogger, Emily, ate and shot some photos at my favorite restaurant in L.A. this weekend and I was delighted to wake up and see a whole blog post dedicated to this wonderful place. Oh this wonderful place also happens to be where my best friend works, which makes going there all the more enjoyable.

Emily eating at Botegga Louie in L.A.
Downtown Discoveries

My favorite blogger, in my favorite city, eating at my favorite restaurant, where my favorite person works. 

Until next time.
What are your favorites?

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  1. HOW TO!!! how did the pictures turn out? i'm thinking we need to do a video after all...


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