Friday Fun

I really wanted to title this post "Four Fun Fashion and Food Finds For Friday" but it seemed a little much... but that is what this post is so I hope you enjoy!

From left top corner (clockwise)
Atlantic Pacific
Atlantic Pacific (So fashionable I needed to mention her twice)
Could I Have That
Weekend inspiration. Just need to work on getting the stain out of my blue and white striped dress.

Strawberry Bread
Veggies with Basil Pecan Pesto
Grilled Apricots (170 Calories!)
Greek Salad with Sundried Tomatoes
Four food finds fabulous for fun with friends and family. 
Two are sweet, two are not. And all four register on my "healthy" spectrum of food, which is skewed to say the least.

Until next time. 
Fun day Friday through Sunday.

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  1. Love every outfit! Especially the Atlantic Pacific ones. And each food find looks so yummy and refreshing. Love your blog! It's so uplifting and open. :)



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