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Things I Love Thursday! As much as I love being home (I got to spend all day yesterday catching up with sweet high school friends, newly engaged friends, and my best friend who now has very short hair!) I am missing the feel of Washington. Waking up each morning, knowing that I was going to get to experience things I had never seen before is something special.
One very special place in Washington that I especially loved was Georgetown. We ended up visiting this neighborhood three days out of the five that we were there and I fell in love with the old buildings and shops on Wisconsin Ave. and M St.
There are no words... oh wait I can think of one. SWOON.
This Anthropologie looks tiny but it just an illusion because it's really huge!

At the Georgetown cupcake lab. We couldn't get close enough to the actual store to get a decent picture because of the massive line. I love cupcakes a lot but am not always willing or patient enough to wait in a two-hour line. 

Rather, we found (through recommendation) a different cupcake shop in Georgetown called Baked and Wired that had an amazing selection of baked goods. Not only a self-serve cookie bar, but treats like the Honey Badger brownie and Apple hand pies. 
The cupcakes were amazing, Unporked Elvis, Lemon Blueberry, German Chocolate, Strawberry..., I can't stop thinking about how wonderful they were. 

I love Georgetown. 

Until next time.
Love each new experience.

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  1. Those cupcakes look unspeakably yummy... so happy you are having a great time in Washington! Love you and miss you, Kathleen!


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