Things I Love

Where to begin, where to begin? My life is overflowing with things that I love.

The thing I am loving the most right now is the inspiration that contributes to this blog. I wish that everyone could know all the ridiculous ideas that come to my head when it comes time to do my daily blog post. I'll start a post about something completely random and then realize I will lose every single follower if I blog about my collection of coffee mugs.

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Sometimes I make collages of pictures that I find that somehow inspire an entire blog post. Sometimes I sit in class and ideas just start flowing and I start a sample blog post on the side of my geology notes. It's pictures in magazines, a commercial I see on TV, my friends, my family, a dream, and then there are the days when I literally cannot think of a single thing that is worth sharing. 

My favorite is when I will be doing something completely random and a friend says "hey! you should blog about this!" Umm, no I will not blog about us eating cereal for dinner...

Thinking of starting an inspiration bulletin board in my room, full of all the things I come across and fall in love with. We should fall in love with something new every day.

Until next time.
Love the things in your life.

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  1. I really enjoy your blog because I'm not super fashion savvy. So 2 things:
    1. On your recommendation I tried Essie nail polish and love it!
    2. I would love to hear about your different coffee mugs...if they have interesting stories!


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