Why Don't You...

Remember these beautiful Kate Spade natural stone earrings featured here. Well in case you don't here they are in all their beauty.
Well I saw them in person while in Georgetown and tried them all on and thought they were beautiful, forgetting that they run for $195 or more per pair.
I love nice jewelry as much as the next girl but...
Why don't you...

Save some money and get these instead.
This six-pack is from Urban Outfitters and all six pairs are so great. I split the pack with my sister and couldn't even choose which ones I wanted because I love them all. I haven't taken my turquoise pair off yet!

Here are some other great look alikes from Urban.
Cavern Crystal Posts
Think of all the things you could buy with all that money you are saving.
I am thinking a whole weeks worth of groceries and maybe a half a tank of gas.
Or maybe something entirely insensible all together.

Until next time.
Frugal female.

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