I would say in almost all ways I am your typical girl who loves good food, great fashion, and know that most boys got their cootie shot in the 3rd grade. 
I admit to reading tabloids, swoon over jewelry, and paint my nails five times a week.
My favorite colors have included pink and purple and I played with dolls growing up. 
Pretty normal characteristics for most twenty-something girls, and then I tell you this...
I hate shoe shopping. 
I like shoes and obviously wear them daily but I find show shopping to be one of the most dull practices that women have to go through. 
I let my mom pick out my shoes because she loves it and is a lot better at knowing what looks good on my feet, I just worry about the polish color on my toes.

There is one website that I don't mind browsing when it comes to footwear and that's Zara. I find that most stores and websites force you to sort through the most tragic shoes to find just one cute pair. Well not Zara because I am obsessed with them all.

Wedges, boots, flats, sling backs, pumps... I love them all and feel like Carrie Bradshaw would have bought all her shoes from Zara in her twenties before the column, Mr. Big, and heaven on 5th.

I even tried to branch out when picking shoes for this post and after putting them up I realized that they are all tan and black. Could I be more boring when it comes to shoes? Let's just call it sensible.

Until next time.
Za za Zara

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