Two Obsessions

After reading this blog once I think anyone could make a valid assumption that I am a little addicted to coffee and the cups that hold them. Having five cups of coffee just isn't unusual for me anymore.

Recently I have also been all about new makeup. I can't go anywhere without buying a new tube of lipstick and when a Mac representative came to my work with a great deal on a makeup set, how could I resist?
Well really anyone selling anything should come to me because I am an absolute sucker and can't say no. I have to avoid eye contact with anyone at a mall kiosk because I will buy two straighteners when I have a perfectly good working one at home and an electric back massager that breaks within the first week.
Thanks for the rip-off. When will I ever learn?

photo via. A Thousand Words

Isn't it wonderful when you find something that combines two of your loves? Like Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake which combines fruit and chocolate in dessert, and You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle that give me Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks for hours. 

Coffee and makeup? Who knew these could be combined in such a unique storage system that keeps your brushes from fraying amongst the mess in your makeup drawer and keeps your room smelling like ___________ (insert favorite coffee shop here... Starbucks, Grey Owl, Common Grounds, Intelligensia).
My kitchen already smells like Panera each morning as I brew my hazelnut coffee which is pretty much heaven. I wonder if my roommates would mind if I made every room smell like coffee?

Until next time. 
Coffee potpourri? Is there such a thing?

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