Things I Love

I had every intention of creating a real "Things I Love" post today. I started writing it out and it was going pretty well until a notice popped up and informed me that my startup disk was full aka. I need to delete pictures off my desktop that I save for blog posts and then never use.

It's your lucky day, because this weeks "Things I Love" are totally random pictures that I must delete right after posting them.

How to make the perfect greek salad.

From Russia with Love
 J.Crew's September catalog featuring ballerinas from the Mariinsky and Yakobson schools of dance. Cashmere at the barre. Swoon.

If you love flowers and are ever needing ideas for floral arrangements then check out Honey of a Thousand Flowers.

Sheer Petals Jacket from Anthropologie that I tried on in Dallas and loved, but I loved this one even more...

Noissete Jacket from Anthropologie

I loved it so much I couldn't leave the store without it. Swoon.

If you enjoyed the randomness of this post and aren't on Pinterest, you should be. That's where I am going right now.

Until next time.
One of those late afternoon posts.

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