Day to Night

When back-to-school shopping on Monday, I wore one of my favorite dresses. A simple, black racerback, tank dress from American Apparel that I bought 4 years ago. Still rocking it and that's what I call getting your moneys worth. 
After a full day of shopping, the roommates and I made the 3 hour drive home from Dallas, where of course I was already running late to a prior commitment. I needed to be dressed up for my evening affair and wasn't going to have time to go home first. So that meant I needed to form an outfit out of things I already had in my car... luckily I had shopping bags in the backseat and a Starbucks parking lot to change in.

American Apparel Racerback Dress
"Bless this Mess" Charm Necklace

Here are my go-to pieces. Easy, breezy dress and a staple gold necklace.

And for a day of shopping I add a lace tank and my favorite, light weight purse.
Le pliage Longchamp
Top Shop Embellished Vest

With a simple black dress, it is easy to switch up a few pieces to form an evening-friendly outfit in mere seconds.

Topshop Kimono Jacket
Russell and Hazel Leather Portfolio (which my little sis discovered works great as a clutch!)
Shuffle Stack Necklace
Michael Kors Sandals
Until next time.
Starbucks isn't just for coffee.

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  1. HOLLLA! i love shout outs on the blog!


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