Promises, Promises

After an embarrassing amount of blog posts last week (one! for the entire week...) I am making a promise right now, mostly to myself, that I will post every day this week. It shouldn't be that difficult, and I want to, and now that I have put it out in the ether, I think I have to stick to it.

With school starting today I have been thinking about the traditions of starting school as a child. Going back to school shopping (I started 5th grade in a head to toe outfit by Gap, and unfortunately started 9th grade in an ensemble provided entirely by Hollister...), stocking up on school supplies, and having my mom pack my lunch each morning. 

Fortunately some of these traditions never end.
I am going back to school shopping today with my best friends today. I'm either going to go with a 9th grade throwback and go spend $85 on a graphic tee that will produce holes in a week or possibly something a little more age appropriate (and socially acceptable). We'll see what I am feeling when I hit the stores today.
photo via Kate Spade

Buying school supplies is more fun than ever because I am not limited by a provided list and I can buy whichever markers and binders that I want. 
photo via. Chez Beeper Babe

Brown bag lunches.
Let's talk about Dunkaroos, Gushers, carrot sticks, and sandwiches without crusts. The good ole days. Oh wait, I still take my lunch to class some days and sit on a bench and eat my peanut butter sandwiches (with crust now because it is much more sophisticated). Speaking of my favorite brown bag staple, I have a new obsession that I am dying to try!
Justin's Nut Butter

With flavors like honey peanut butter, maple almond, and chocolate hazelnut I feel like my lunch sacks would be the envy of every college student, even without the tropical flavored Gushers. 

Until next time.
School bells and teacher tales. 

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  1. omg, dunkaroos! do they still make those? that sounds delish :)


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