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When the Twilight book series came out I refused to take part in the phenomenon. It might have been out of stubbornness, my devotion to Harry Potter, or simply common sense. I never gave in, and call me crazy, but I am proud of myself.

This same stint of stubbornness came out when Pinterest became all the rage amongst bloggers, college girls, and the females in my family. I couldn't bring myself to join the online cult. My excuse was that it would be too much of a distraction from school, but mostly it was just because everyone else was doing it. I was never one to give into peer pressure.

Tonight, like a 13 year old in a game of truth or dare, gave into the pressure and joined Pinterest! 
I haven't done much yet but I must admit that I love it! I had to think long and hard and search for the perfect image to be my first "pin" and I think it says a lot about me.
Oh. My. Anna Sui.

So far I have pinned pretty frocks and breakfast foods. This says it all.

I also love opening birthday presents 4 days before my actual birthday! My roommate was just so excited to give it to me that she couldn't wait and who am I to argue. She warned me that it was a random gift but everything just screamed "Kathleen". With an intro like that my mind started wandering to the many possibilities that could be awaiting me under the floral wrapping paper. 

1. Spatula- specializing in pancakes and omelets (Counting down the hours until the next breakfast)
2. Coffee mug from Anthropologie (is it the morning yet!)
3. Deborah Lippmann nail polish! A deep purple, Call Me Irresponsible, and a beautiful gold, Believe that was created for Cher. Do you believe in life after love?
4. A cake tester and powder sugar sifter

I love my first birthday gift and I know that much of it will go with my big gift to come on Sunday. I can't wait for the big reveal on Monday!

Until next time. 
Peer pressure, pancakes, and polish.

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