I Made These

I pin and save so many images of things and projects that I want to recreate when scouring through Pinterest and blogs each day. They then proceed to sit on my desktop or other random files on my computer until I forget about them and end up deleting the image to never be seen again. 

This was all true until I came across this picture from {this is glamorous} and literally jumped off the couch, spilled coffee all over myself, and began the scavenger hunt to find all the necessary materials to make these... these beauties that made me finally change my ways...
via. {this is glamorous}
I made these.
It took me about a week to find a pair of boots, but I finally found some at Old Navy (shown here, but I think these would be great too). 

Boots- new or ones you already have
Fabric glue (I used Tulip Fabric Glitter Bond)
Two different sizes of the same color glitter (I chose a larger flake and small powder to fill in all the holes)

1. Using a paint brush or sponge applicator, cover the area that you wish to glitter.

2. Cover completely with the larger glitter.
Shake off excess glitter.

3. Cover completely with the powder glitter.
Shake off excess glitter.

4. After completely glittering both sides of both shoes, clean up any stray glitter and let sit for a few days (the fabric glue suggests 72 hours). After a day I sprayed mine with a professional crafting substance to set the glitter in place. This substance is also called Herbal Essence Forever Hold hairspray and it worked like a dream. 

5. Swoon.

6. Brag to everyone you know because you just made shoes and they are more legit than just tying fabric strips onto flip-flop straps. (6th Grade style)

Until next time.
Those annoying Old Navy commercials actually got me in the store. 


  1. okay those are pretty legit. i'm impressed.

  2. Umm... Rub off on me?


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