The Best Cookie {+other recipes}

Like promised, I am about to reveal some of my favorite recipes.
My mom has been making this Ina Garten chicken dish for a few years now and it is so good and I don't feel terrible after eating it.

My make-shift work station for the chicken. 
Just making this chicken and the potatoes for dinner I found myself out of counter space very quickly. There was food on top of the refrigerator and on the stairs, and luckily no one was home during the process because that would have just taken up more room in the kitchen.

The theme for this dinner was "clean out the pantry and don't go to the grocery store" and I would have succeeded with this feat if I wouldn't have used all the eggs in my omelet that morning. And since I was already going to the grocery store I decided that I should get the ingredients needed for a cookie recipe that I had found on one of my all-time favorite blogs, Fabulous K.
Kelly, of Fabulous K, raved about these cookie and they were just different enough that I was intrigued to try out the recipe, and bonus, I already had the dried cranberries, cream cheese, and white chocolate chips the recipe called for.

The original recipe is here at Joy's Hope, and she names this White Chocolate Cranberry Cream Cheese Snickerddodle her favorite holiday cookie and I absolutely agree. The flavors are incredible and uses Betty Crocker Snickerdoodle cookie mix so it is an easy and quick recipe (easier and quicker than these for sure)

(there was no space left in the kitchen so we had to move the cookies to the dining room table)

If you don't believe me about how great these cookies are just read the reviews below. (Disclaimer: these are real responses from real people).

"This is the best cookie you have ever made"
"Best cookie of the year"
"These are better than the chocolate chip cookies"

Until next time.
I hope Santa likes these cookies too!

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