White Chocolate-Peppermint Cookies

It feels like it has been ages since I have had a recipe post. Could it be because life has been so hectic that my dinners have consisted mostly of leftovers and Ramen noodles, or the fact that the last couple of recipes I have tried in the kitchen have been major flops (homemade cinnamon rolls were the worst).

On Sunday I woke up extra early to eat *egg whites* and *study for finals* (*cinnamon rolls* and *read Matchbook magazine*) because I knew that I had a full day of baking ahead of me. I found this Martha Stewart recipe through Emily and knew that it was the perfect cookie for a holiday party. Having attempted some of Martha's other recipes (Strawberry Cupcakes) I knew that they are never as simple as she makes them appear. She is funny like that (which is why I approach her recipes cautiously and rarely) but I had the whole day to avoid studying so I got to work. 

(Disclaimer: This is not a cookie that you can whip out in 30 minutes when company is expected in 35 minutes. They are worth the time and patience, so give yourself a few hours and make them with friends or sisters to make the cookie even sweeter.)

The recipe on Martha's website is easy enough to follow but here are some of my tips that I learned through experience.

This dough is really sticky, even after you refrigerate it so don't be afraid to attack your surface and rolling pin with flour (and continue to add more as needed).

Place your peppermints in a zip-lock bag and then put that bag in another zip-lock because when you start crushing the peppermints (with a hammer) you will tear the bag and the double bag method reduces precious peppermint dust from escaping.

After my white chocolate was completely melted I turned the heat down to the lowest setting and kept the chocolate on the stove, while continuing to stir it every once in awhile to avoid burning. Once the chocolate got too hot on my hands I would take it off, and then put it back on the heat once the chocolate began to cool off and thicken.

Finished product! I don't know how I let these out of my house with only eating one, but I know they were enjoyed by others.

Until next time.
For a quick treat for guests coming in 35 minutes, pull of the Hickory Farms.
It's a crowd favorite.

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