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I am working on a list of movies to be watched over my break from school. Five weeks is a long time and I have had an ongoing list on my phone for years now of movies that have been recommended to me that need to be watched. I am making myself a goal to watch all (or most) of these as well as adding to my list with more input from you! I love the old ones, the black and white ones, and the ones that make me laugh and fall in love with the characters. 

Funny Face
Rain Man
Annie Hall
Out of Africa
Breaking Away
Blazing Sadles
Young Frankenstein
The Duchess
Whip It
Find Me Guilty
The Player
Tender Mercies
Good Fellas
The Usual Suspects
LA Confidential
The Last Picture Show
Some Like it Hot
It Happened One Night

I also want to continue crossing off films that I have seen from AFI's Top 10 Movies list- there has to be a reason they made it so high on the list
1. Citizen Kane 
2. Casablanca
3. The Godfather
4. Gone With the Wind
5. Lawrence of Arabia
6. Wizard of Oz
7. The Graduate
8. On the Waterfront
9. Schindler's List
10. Singin' in the Rain

Until Next Time.
What do I HAVE to add to my list?

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