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Oh the joys of being at home and being able to watch the Today Show. It really is the little things in life. 
This morning on the Today Show, iVillage released the "Most Talked About" topics of the year. Most of the events and people on the list aren't things I would normally blog about but I promise there is a reason for exposing this list.
8. Kardashians...
7. High-profile infidelity 
5. Amanda Knox verdict
4. Steve Jobs
3. Casey Anthony trial and verdict
2. Penn State scandal 
1. The economy 

After hearing this list I started thinking about the things I have talked about the most on this blog. I went back through the past year's posts and did some research on my most popular rants and raves. I wasn't too surprised by what I found, I know what I love and I love sharing those things with you.

10. Holidays

9. Cupcakes

8. Weddings

7. Shoes

6. Coffee/Starbucks

5. Kate Spade

4. J. Crew

3. Essie

2. Fall

1. Nail Polish

Surprising? Not one bit. I like my list much more than the one from iVillage; a little most positive. There is too much crummy stuff in the world to let it leak into my blog. I would much rather continue believing in true love and the goodness in people. 

Until next time.
Some things in life are too sweet not to be shared.  

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