Things I Love

I LOVE coffee. After going cold turkey-no coffee I was very happy to wake up Wednesday morning and be able to brew a big pot of Dunkin' Donuts delicious coffee and also enjoy a latte mid afternoon at work. 

I love the energy that coffee gives me to stay up entirely too late writing this blog post rather than doing the millions of other things on my to-do list. I have priorities, and blogging about my favorite things (sorry this isn't Oprah style...just because I blog about it doesn't mean that a little elf is going to deliver it to you...) and watching wonderful Christmas movies like The Family Stone are currently the most important things on my to-do list.

Other things I might, possibly, absolutely love right now...

J. Crew has been carrying the Archie Grand notebooks for awhile and I always love looking at the funny titles. The newest notebook at J. Crew is "Blogs I Follow and Like"... I think I might be able to fill up a few pages in that one. At under $15 dollars they make great stocking stuffers or fun gifts for friends (consider this an add on to my gift guide..."for the one that likes to write aimlessly and doodle daily")
Available at J. Crew
and Archie Grand

Secret Agents, Models, Royals, Politicians-- because I have met too many to keep track of in my head.

I love being on the hunt for a dress for an evening event and being constantly drawn to dress made entirely of sequins. Can't a girl love sparkles?
source:This is Glamorous

I love these prints from Keep Calm Gallery.
These three were in a category called "For Your Loved Ones" which I really loved.
A kissing checklist (how many can you say you've accomplished?)
I like comparing lovers to coffee.
Saying "I love you" in the nato alphabet... Sierra Whiskey Oscar Oscar November.

Until next time.
Matchbook Mag launches issue 10 today!

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