A Beauty Buy

This post was brought on by a beauty purchase that was long over due. For months now I have heard everyone talk and blog about how great NARS blush was. I was pretty content with what I was already using (a rose colored blush by Bobbi Brown) but a trip to Sephora resulted in me finally caving and making a great beauty buy. The blush looked good on my skin tone, and helped create more definition in my cheek bones with just a hint of shimmer, I would recommend it to anyone!

These products are by far my favorite right now. Most of my make-up is stuff I have been wearing for ages, Beauty Control foundation, Laura Mercier eyeliner, and Bobbi Brown eyeshadow, but I have been adding some new materials to my daily beauty regime. 

(starting in top, left corner)
*Revlon Raisin Rage
*NARS blush in Orgasm
*Carmex Healing Cream (a life saver for my dry winter skin)
*Zoya nail polish in Holly (thank you Birchbox) 
*Revlon lip gloss in Bordeaux (looks great over everything or by itself)
*Tokyo Milk perfume in Everything and Nothing (sprayed it on everyday at work before my sweet boss finally just gifted it to me)
*Oscar Blandi dry shampoo powder
*Revlon Wild Orchid
*Nivea Milk and Honey lip balm

You know what's great? 2/3 of these products can be purchased at a drugstore for less than $10. 
NARS and Oscar Blandi available at Sephora.
Tokyo Milk at Antique Garden and online, and only $28!

Until next time.
Beauty buzz.

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