New Space

I blogged about this desk about a month ago and luckily my parents got the (very subtle) hint that I was dropping. I have a vanity in my bedroom but it is constantly covered in make up and hair spray and not the most convenient work space. I needed room for my computer and all my inspirational tools (new and old copies of House Beautiful, Glamour, Vogue) and I had the perfect vacant space next to my bed for a desk.

It was supposed to be from Santa but it arrived a little late this year, but we finally got it put up in my room today and I couldn't be more excited to put the newest addition to my room to good use. I plan on many hours spent at that desk blogging, and maybe even a few minutes studying.

First to be put up were the corbels, who's shape and look I love.

Hey Dad, you made the blog!

This definitely isn't the final product, but it looked so bare that we just started throwing things on to get the feel. So far, I am loving the feel. 

Until next time.
New space in a new year. 

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