Light My Sapphire

I normally stick to the same routine when it comes to painting my nails. About every other day I find a new color combination and paint all my nails a color depending on my mood and the weather, all except my two ring fingers which usually get a nice coat of gold shimmer.

My favorite gold nail polish is by Butter London and on a lazy afternoon I wanted to try something new on my nails. I have seen pictures before but I want to try the trend out for myself.

All you need it two contrasting nail polish colors, (I chose Butter's The Full Monty and OPI's Light my Sapphire) a top coat, a quick drying nail coat, and circular office labels.

Paint your nails using one of your chosen colors, this will appear as the color on the bottom of your nail. Drop quick-dryer on each nail so that the stickers do not smudge the polish or pull any off. Cut the labels in half and press a sticker firmly on each nail to create an arch. Be sure to press down very hard on each part of the label so that no nail polish creeps down.

Paint your other color above the label and apply quick-dryer to this color as well. Allow to fully dry!

After your nails are dry, carefully peel the stickers off (I used tweezers) to reveal beautiful two-tone nails!

Expect compliments.

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