Spike the Punch

I know that Thursdays are supposed to be "Things I Love Thursdays" but my days have been running together these last couple of weeks that I don't even realize it is Thursday by the time I have blogged. The traditional Thursday blog posts will resume sometime soon, maybe, or maybe I will switch it up in the new year with something entirely different. As of right now I have no ideas, but I am open to suggestions.

My little sister snagged me this necklace for Christmas and it has quickly made its way to the top of my swoon-worthy list. With crystal, plum, and gold glittered jewels this necklace goes with virtually everything and adds fierce glamour to any outfit. 
This jewelry is made by Elizabeth over at Spike the Punch, who also has an etsy shop with all of her jewelry. The jeweled necklace like mine is currently out of stock (they are so popular!) but if you follow Elizabeth on twitter or check back at her Etsy shop you can hopefully get one for yourself!

The name alone...


  1. i'm a genius
    you should make thursdays "currently coveting" or "swoon" day and post the most recent product you love!

  2. What an amazing gift!! Love these necklaces.



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