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I have been saving an Anthropologie gift card that I received for Valentine's Day for something really special. Yes, I could go in an spend a good amount of money of candle or cups but I feel like gift cards add extra pressure to find something really worthy.
Thank goodness Anthropologie has so many wonderful things right now (just in time for Spring), it didn't take but two minutes of walking into the store to find that special something.

Who knew that I could love a fully beaded satchel so much, but it is looking like this is going to be my favorite accessory for spring and summer. Well that and the pair of tortoise sunnies I also bought at Anthropologie to replace my favorite aviators that I left on the beach in Cozumel.

If the outside wasn't great enough, the pop of turquoise inside makes me even cheerier. 
The beaded print reminds me of Mexico and for that reason alone I believe it is time to go back.

Best Valentine's Day gift yet.

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