Morning Glory

Now that coffee has re-entered my life, I have found myself still awake at hours that I couldn't even dream of when tea was my only source of caffeine. The random cleaning sprees at midnight and late-night blog post sessions are back in my life and I can't complain. I do my best cleaning and my best blogging late at night, so the only negative I foresee is when my alarm goes off at 7:45 AM.
Happiest Monday to everyone.
Even though it is the most dreaded day of the week, I am in a surprisingly wonderful mood. Such a good mood that as I am writing this post and a Christmas song came on my shuffle I didn't even change it; it only added to my good mood and I can't resist Michael Buble's voice.
Even though I am so excited for this week, I know that I am going to need numerous distractions to get through the next five days until the weekend fun can begin again.

Lucky for you, I am wide awake and full of lovely oddities to keep you and me distracted all day.

Lasagna Cupcakes are necessary this week
This girl got married this weekend! I am dying for pictures
Southern secret to perfect biscuits
on the set of New York
Newest cooking blog crush
Newest fashion blog crush

and it begins again.

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