Change of Address

I can fully blame the lack of posts lately on the fact that I have been moving and my mind has been completely absorbed with decorating my new apartment.
After some major drama with my past and current landlord I finally was able to move into a new apartment in a new city. I was so sad to say goodbye to my little, perfect duplex but I am so excited about my new place.

For now my bedroom is on hold because I haven't quite figured out how to maneuver the space so I am putting most of my effort into the living/dining room so that we can quickly start entertaining! And when I say "putting all my effort" I mean countless hours on Pinterest and Tumblr looking for anything to spark an idea. I have learned that I have too many ideas and I think I am a professional artist who can paint anything. The second is so false but it doesn't stop me from trying.

Let's talk about inspiration...
Chalkboard in a fancy gold frame- making this week
Table runner. Swoon.
I will hopefully have more updates on the new place soon, some DIY's and a recipe since I am craving something sweet and I have yet to bake in the new kitchen. 

The oven must be broken in today!


  1. Any chance of getting an original source for the pic with the grey couch and square burled wood coffee table? I would love to pin it but don't like to do so without an original source. Thanks so much

    1. Absolutely, the source is http://dooce.com/2011/08/24/going-boom-pictures, all the pictures are amazing! I added the source to the original post too so that others can find it too! Thanks for reading!


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